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21 x 29,7 cm, 56 pages, with Online-Videos

Art.Nr. D 920
ISBN 978-3-86849-415-0
ISMN 979-0-50017-588-9
Edition Book including online videos

Daniel Giordani

Übungsstücke für Handpan

Quick Overview

for slightly advanced players, with online videos

: Handpan

This book by Daniel Giordani contains ten beautiful practice pieces for handpan. They are aimed at handpan players who know the basic percussion techniques and are keen to learn new and interesting melodies and grooves. Each piece offers new technical challenges at different levels of difficulty.
Pieces with titles such as Inner Space, Free to be me, Dreamland or Tranquility invite you to immerse yourself completely in playing the handpan and forget time and space.
The linked online videos provide a very good additional learning aid alongside the notation. All exercises are written for the Kurd scale, but can also be realised with other handpan tunings.
A short video introduction to the book can be found here:

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Table of contents




1. Simply Soul

2. Free To Be Me

3. Dreamland

4. In Between

5. Inner Space

6. Madhiya

7. Journey Through The Universe

8. Just Try

9. Let's Do It

10. Tranquility



Symbole der Notation

Liste der Videos