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Art.Nr. D 99020

Soundhole Cover

Schalllochabdeckung Tribal Leaves

Quick Overview

For guitars with 100mm soundhole and no pickup

: Schalllochabdeckung

Sticky Tune's sound hole covers offer an easy way to give your guitar a new look.

Choose from a variety of designs and give your guitar the style that suits you.

The sound hole covers turn your guitar into a piece of jewellery.


easy to attach / remove

The simple click functionality enables quick assembly / disassembly of the sound hole cover

clean sound
Thanks to the foam nubs, the tops sit firmly in the sound hole of your guitar. No buzzing or rattling.

silencer included
The sound holes can be provided with the enclosed insert. This will reduce the volume of your guitar. Practicing without disturbing your neighbours is easy.

different motifs and models available
Whether funny, playful or noble, ... various motives leave you the agony of choice.

the surface can be painted / dyed / varnished with ease. According to your individual ideas


Additional pictures and a how-to can be found on the Sticky Tunes info page.