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23 x 30 cm, 48 pages, with Download

Art.Nr. D 3519
ISBN 978-3-86849-409-9
ISMN 979-0-50017-582-7
Edition Sheet music with audio download

Michael Langer / Ferdinand Neges

Play Guitar Powersteps 1

Quick Overview

The ideal follow-on to any beginners tutor book

: Guitar

The whole idea behind the two editions of “Play Guitar Powersteps” is to enable learners to progress rapidly. With the eight chapters providing a multitude of opportunities to delve into specific topics within a clearly laid-out structure, this addition to the Play Guitar series is the perfect companion for all the standard tutors.

Powersteps 1:
-  Comprehensive introduction to playing tirando
-  33 highlights from the teaching literature – all very easy to play
-  Carefully devised teaching approach with a clear structure
-  Learn & Play including audio download

With pieces by Vincent Lindsey-Clark - Pink - Cosimo Antitomaso - Michael Langer - The Surfaris - Julio Sagreras - Reginald Smith-Brindle and many more ...

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Table of contents



Powerstep 1 - Lagenspiel

I. Lage

Forked Deer Traditional/USA

Unwinding Vincent Lindsey-Clark

II. Lage

Bransle de Champaigne Pierre Attaingnant

Canzone Cosimo Antitomaso

III. Lage

Wipe Out The Surfaris

IV. Lage

Balletto Anonym

Der Schlangenkorb am Markt von Muapur Michael Langer

V. Lage

Cumbia (La Colegiala) Walter Léon Aguilar

VII. Lage

Jacob’s Ladder Vincent Lindsey-Clark

IX. Lage

Über Stock und Stein Michael Langer

Rund herum Traditional/Brasilien

Powerstep 2 - Zweistimmige Zerlegungen

Behutsam Michael Langer

Die Prinzessin dreht sich Michael Langer

Eine kleine Zupfmusik Michael Langer

Pa-na-ma, Pa-na-ma, Ku-ba Michael Langer

A Million Dreams Pink

Boogie Exercise Michael Langer/Ferdinand Neges

Powerstep 3 - Dreistimmige Zerlegungen

Monasterio Alfredo Michael Langer

Time Out for Joe Michael Langer

The Elvis Concert - Part I Michael Langer

The Elvis Concert - Part II Michael Langer

The Elvis Concert - Part III Michael Langer

A Message to Ed Michael Langer

Leccion Nr. 61 Julio Sagreras

Short Piece No. 1 Nathan Kolosko

Ronaldinho Michael Langer

Powerstep 4 - Vierstimmige Zerlegungen

Prelude a-Moll Matteo Carcassi

Profumo di fiori Cosimo Antitomaso

Break Even Vincent Lindsey-Clark

Leccion Nr. 55 Julio Sagreras

Con moto Reginald Smith-Brindle

Prelude A-Dur Ferdinando Carulli

Im Regenwald Michael Langer