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Sticky Tunes

Minor+Major Blues Scale

Quick Overview

John Lee Hooker, T-Bone Walker, Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughan .... Does your heart beat faster when you hear these names? If so, then you'll love this sticker set!

The sticker set

The “StickyTunes” sticker set contains all five pattern of the minor / major blues scale. Color tags tell you where the root notes and the "blue notes" are in each pattern.

Do you want to master the blues and create your own licks? The stickers comprise the basic knowledge you need. Directly visible at the guitar neck of your guitar. The use of the stickers is very simple. Follow the sticker’s color pattern on your guitar’s fretboard. Once your fingers get used to the pattern, you're ready to get creative and perform your first blues improvisations.

Various exercise routines and tips will help you!

Also for Rock, Metal, Jazz or Funk lovers highly recommendable!

The sticker set, manuals and training routines are in EN / DE / FR.

Avantages at a glance

Faster & effortless success
Your brain links the tones of your guitar with the visual anchors of the stickers. Success sets in faster and what you have learned can be accessed longer.

Get started immediately
Improvise and compose before you ever dealt with music theory. Just follow the pattern and you’re good to go! Tiresome switching between the fretboard and your teaching material belongs to the past.

Easy to use
The stickers can be applied / removed from the guitar neck without pulling off the guitar strings.


Further information

Detailed product information, instructions and pictures are available on the Sticky Tunes info page.

: Sticker für Gitarre

Removable Guitar Sicker Set - Master the minor / major blues scale with ease