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21 x 29,7 cm, 16 pages

Art.Nr. VHR 3891
ISBN 978-3-86434-135-9
ISMN 979-0-2013-1044-2
Edition Score and Parts

Andrea Holzer-Rhomberg


Quick Overview

For: Violin 1, Violin 2, Cello 1, Cello 2, Double Bass, Piano (Viola 1, Viola 2 optional)

: String Orchestra

Half-Past-Three-Blues – this piece of music – performed with a “swing” – expresses a pleasant, idle mood, like lying in a hammock on a very warm afternoon in summer. This composition is ideal to train first shiftings.

While the parts of violin 1, viola 1 and cello 1 include challenging passages (up to the 3rd/4th position), the parts of violin 2, viola 2 and cello 2 can be played by students in the first or second year of learning the instrument. These parts also contain pleasing melodies apart from accompaniment.

Technique required:
Vl. 1: 1st and 3rd position
Vl. 2: 1st finger pattern in the 1st position
Vla. 1: all finger patterns in the 1st position
Vla. 2: 1st finger pattern in the 1st position
Cl. 1: 1st – 4th position
Cl. 2: extended 1st position
DB.: 1st position

Level: easy to moderately difficult

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