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23 x 30 cm, 80 pages, with Download

Art.Nr. VHR 3873
ISBN 978-3-86434-109-0
ISMN 979-0-2013-1011-4
Edition Noten inklusive Audio-Download

Andrea Holzer-Rhomberg

Fiedel-Max 6 Violine

Quick Overview

Violin method

: Violin

Volume 6 devotes itself to phrasing, ornaments (long and short appoggiaturas, trills etc.), double-stopping and chords, types of bowing such as spiccato, sautillé and ricochet, and to refining vibrato playing. In addition to a generous variety of practice and study material, this edition contains a wide range of tried-and-tested music from various stylistic periods.
The audio data of the sound samples and playalongs can be downloaded with the download code included in the book.

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Table of contents

(1) Sautillé

(2) Verfeinerung des Vibratos

(3) Verzierungen

Der lange Vorschlag

Der kurze Vorschlag

Der Doppelschlag

Der Triller

Der Pralltriller

Der Mordent

(4) Phrasierung

(5) Doppelgriff-Vorübungen

(6) Doppelgriffe

(7) Akkorde

Dreistimmige Akkorde

Vierstimmige Akkorde

(8) Die 5. Lage

(9) Spiccato

(10) Ricochet

(11) Lagenwechsel bis zur 5. Lage

(12) Musik aus mehreren Jahrhunderten