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Bob Chilcott


: gemischter Chor und Klavier/2 Klaviere und Percussion

1. Beauty before me/We wait in the darkness (tutti choirs)
Part 1: Birth
2. Song for Bringing a Child into the World (tutti choirs)
3. Newborn (SATB choir)
Part 2: Childhood
4. Yaqui Song (upper voices)
5. A Child's Song (upper-voice solo)
6. Give me strength (tutti choirs)
Part 3: Lover
7. Chinook Songs (tutti choirs)
8. Over the Wave (SATB choir)
Part 4: Adulthood
9. Summer Song (tutti choirs)
Part 5: Middle age
10. O Great Spirit (SATB choir)
Part 6: Old age
11. In the house made of dawn (tutti choirs)
Part 7: Death
12. Farewell, my brother (upper-voice solo)
13. The sun's beams are running out/We wait in the darkness (tutti choirs)